Volume 29, No. 1 January-February 2017

Volume 29, No. 1 January-February 2017
On the Cover: 

This dynamic shot by Sun Valley photographer Fred Lindholm shows Jean-Claude Killy winning the giant slalom at the 1967 World Cup  Finals in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

18 Killy’s Winter, Unequaled
World Cup turns 50: In Part 1 of an exclusive interview, Jean-Claude Killy recalls his 1967 World Cup triumph—a record-setting season that’s never been surpassed. BY YVES PERRET
24 Art of the Dual
The history and future of head-to-head racing, which will debut as a medal event at the 2018 Winter Olympics. BY EDITH THYS MORGAN


3 Readers Respond
Debunking a 19th century wolf-attack tale; correcting the record on Pepi Salvenmoser; more on the Sun Valley slide.
6 Commentary
Huge crowds at the Killington World Cup should cause resorts to rethink why they give free access to terrain parks, yet make customers pay to experience the sensation of racing. BY JOHN FRY
8 Short Turns
Longboard racing revival; why is Mad River Glen mad? Plus: New museums in New York, British Columbia.
10 Snapshots in Time
Making snowboarders pay (1994); 5,000 miles of cross-country track (1981); ski the Middle East (1963); old-school skiers vs. newbies in New York (1936)
14 Resorts Then and Now
Colorado’s Sunlight Mountain Resort celebrates 50 years and makes its mark in an era of mega-resorts. BY STEVE RICE
16 Where Are They Now?
Sharon and Shirley Firth came from the Arctic to dominate the Canadian cross-country scene. BY BOB WOODWARD
30 Timeless Tips
To ski crud, switch decisively from edge to edge. BY RON LEMASTER
31 Media Reviews
A transatlantic history of the aluminum ski.
33 News from ISHA
Announcing the winners of the 2016 ISHA Awards, plus information on events and tickets to Skiing History Week in Stowe (April 4–9).
35 Remembering
Jean Vuarnet, Dick Kun, Cal Beisswanger, Barnabas Kovacs, Dick Pownall, Al Goto, Ted Heck, Bert Gardner, Heiko Socher, Arthur Kreizel, Gerry Rinaldi
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