Volume 29, No. 3 May-June 2017

On the Cover: 

Le Skieur by Pierrette Lachaîne (2011, mixed-technique painting on canvas). Donated by the Booth family to the Laurentian Ski Museum and reproduced on the cover of Skiing History with permission. For information, go to

18 Winter Sporting With the Cookies 
Though he never skied, British businessman Thomas Cook was one of the earliest and most influential ski-vacation promoters. BY E. JOHN B. ALLEN
22 Reboot!
The revolution in boot design and construction has changed the way we ski. BY RON LEMASTER
26 Loads of Fun on Ski & Snow
During a raucous “ski” weekend in the Laurentian Mountains 89 years ago, the travelers glow happily inside the cars of a snow train and the walls of a once-famous club. BY COREY FORD


4 Readers Respond
The first aluminum ski was used on sand; pondering the soul of skiing; Jean-Claude Killy answers some questions.
7 Commentary
For many, the cost of riding uphill is going down. BY JOHN FRY
10 Short Turns
A respected historian responds to a recent New York Times article on the origins of skiing; how Hill 70 at Mont Saint-Sauveur got its name; the ski art of Sami painter Nils Nilsson Skum.
12 Snapshots in Time 
Arnold Lunn was not always loved (1907); average skier’s daily budget is $12 (1950); Austrians line the streets to hail ski-hero Schranz (1972).
29 Where Are They Now?
Karl Plattner still lives near Hunter Mountain, where his ski school attracted a glittering circle of New York City celebrities. BY PHIL JOHNSON
31 Equipment
Forty years before the iPhone, skiers used the Astral-tune Stereopack, a portable cassette player, to listen to music on the slopes. BY JEFF BLUMENFELD
33 News from ISHA
Blumenfeld and Diamond join the board; photos from Skiing History Week in Stowe. Plus: ISHA member Gary Neptune is a mountaineer, collector and museum curator
37 Museum News
Colorado and Pennsylvania halls of fame induct new members.
38 Remembering
Farewell to ski pioneers Wendell “Wendy” Cram, Sônia Bogner, Hervé Maneint, John J. Sherwin
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