Volume 29, No. 4 July-August 2017

On the Cover: 

Sports d’hiver en Suisse by Plinio Colombi (1904) is considered to be the first modern winter sports poster produced in Switzerland. Colombi (1873–1951) was a Swiss painter and graphic artist who specialized in landscapes from the Thunersee region.


16 A Time of Transition
Erika Schinegger of Austria, who won the women’s 1966 downhill world championship, later discovered through genetic testing that she was male. The remarkable journey from Erika to Erik was a hard-won triumph.  BY EDITH THYS MORGAN

20 For Sale by Owner
Since 1968, Swiss skier Eric Kellenberger has been amassing what may be the world’s largest vintage-poster collection. Now he’s looking for a buyer. BY EVERETT POTTER

24 Foreign Relations
In collegiate skiing, Americans compete for scarce roster spots with athletes from abroad, a trend that started after World War II. While international athletes raise the level of competition, do they also diminish U.S. ability to develop world-class racers? BY EDITH THYS MORGAN



3 Readers Respond
More debate on the ancient origins of skiing; the mystery of the take-apart ski; why do people ski?

6 Short Turns
Vermont’s long-abandoned Dutch Hill will re-open for backcountry skiing; private equity firm buys K2, Marker, Völkl; Lake Placid’s ORDA faces mounting debt. Plus: Norwegian ski artist Andreas Bloch.

8 Snapshots in Time
Skis for show, not sport (1910); how Ernest Constam invented the J-bar (1934); Rossignol’s rubber ski (1957); windmills and electric cars will save skiing (1977)

12 Resorts Then and Now
Lifelong skier Pierre Dumas is documenting every ski area and jump that ever existed in the province of Quebec. BY JEREMY DAVIS

14 Equipment
How a young Killington employee in 1963 found a new and better way to attach lift tickets to people. BY KAREN D. LORENTZ

23 Timeless Tips
Where the head goes, the body will follow. BY RON LEMASTER

29 News from ISHA
26th annual ISHA Awards banquet set for March 23 at Squaw Valley during NASTAR finals; join ISHA at New York’s Hickory & Tweed ski shop on October 2 for a free reception.

32 Museum News
Updates from ski museums in Steamboat Springs, Maine and the Laurentians.

33 Remembering
Farewell to ski pioneers Tom Corcoran, Bob Parker, John Bower and Harold Blittersdorf. Plus: Insights from Corcoran, poetry by Parker and John Fry on why he skied to celebrate the life of a recently departed friend.

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